Tom Caulfield

I can't wait to take part in climbing Kilimanjaro, and to raise awareness for The Steve Charles Help a Friend Fund in the Process.

Why do it? For one thing, it's an opportunity that doesn't present itself too often, and I felt like I had to grab it. I've always fancied doing one of those mega challenges that involves pushing myself harder than I'm used to, so when I saw that Jack and Benny were doing this I talked it over with my fiance, who said "If they can do it, you can. Go for it". So I am.

With the planning of the wedding and working to pay for it it's hard to do as much training as one would like, but I'm fitting in as much running and walking as I can, and I'm getting better and doing more every time I do, which feels good. After the big day I should have more time to step it up a gear or two.

It also feels good to be doing my bit for The Steve Charles Help a Friend Fund. It's a very worthy cause that does a lot of good in the local community. Being a local musician I've done a fair share of gigs to raise money for the fund, so it's nice to push myself a bit harder and go a bit farther in the name of helping people.

I'm grateful to those that have donated already, and grateful in advance to those that'll donate in the future. You're all delightful, and I'll be keeping you up to date on how my training is going, not to mention how much pain I'm in!

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